BLUMSTEIN                  91311

REVIEW: We hired CID to fill in our pool and replace it with turf and build an outdoor pergola. They did an outstanding job. The Project Manager was there for all our needs. He answered any questions we had and was always there, checking on the progress of the work. The Foreman was excellent as well, very accessible and helpful. The finished work was awesome. We love our new backyard and thank CID for their professionalism and workmanship!

D. SMITH                   91602

REVIEW: We built a substantial (six figure) addition onto our house last year and were extremely happy with the work Oren and CID did for us. Oren was very detail-oriented, always making sure we were happy with each step along the way. All of his contractors were professional, friendly, and I'd even say artistic at times. This was a multi-month process, so it was a definite bonus to get along with the entire crew that were in our lives each day.
The finished product looks great and Oren has been very responsive and accommodating to all little touch-ups I've noticed over the ensuing months. I've recommended CID to friends and will use them again myself in the future.

GAYLORD                   91307

REVIEW: I highly recommend CID! They built our in ground pool. Very professional and kept true to the time frame.
Orin is wonderful to work with, very responsible and a nice guy. I would definitely use CID for future projects.

DENNIS T.                   PORTER RANCH, CA

REVIEW: My wife waited 10 years for her dream kitchen and Ron was the best person for the job! No hidden fees, no extra charges made it a smooth transition. The job was delayed but mainly our fault because we did not have all the appliances and extras planned out. We also picked a flooring that was on back order. Everything was planned out just right. Ron completed a few extra details for us at no charge! We recommend CID for any home improvement job! We will call them soon to work on other areas of our house.

FROILAN T.                   SIMI VALLEY, CA

REVIEW: We had our patio enclosure done by CID builders. We work closely with Ron. He was able to work around our budget and get the job done. It took longer than expected to complete but mainly because of the city inspectors request and Edison planners delaying the progress. Ron and his team took care of all the issues. They relocate our electric panel, gas lines, air condition water drainage and water sprinkler station. We are now enjoying our new patio enclosure.

ANNE A.                   CAMARILLO, CA

REVIEW: My husband and I have been dreaming of a patio cover for years. We've been going back and forth on a design because we couldn't agree between a covered patio or a lattice covered one. When we finally reached a compromise and a design, and after getting quotes from other contractors, we decided to go with Ron and his crew. We had to undergo a few design tweaks because of the architecture of our existing house but Ron did everything he could to make our design happen. We wanted the pitch of the covered roof to be higher and city building codes won't allow it because it would hit our bedroom window. He offered to change the whole window at no cost to us at all. The whole process took a little longer than expected but that was because me and my husband are very picky with the kind of window we wanted (which had to be special ordered), but Ron accommodated that as well. We had a small misunderstanding with the type of wood to use for the patio cover but that was partly our fault. We didn't specify the wood in the contract (lesson learned). Ron did add waterproofing and staining of the wood as add on to make us happy. Plus the wood they used was similar to the wood we wanted and top grade, so we were satisfied in the end. I wanted big wood too and he delivered on that as well. My husband would have the crew add things here and there, and they were always accommodating.
Overall, the project went down smoothly and we're very happy with to finish product. I have already recommended Ron to family members for their projects.

SHINEY K.                   LOS ANGELES, CA

REVIEW: We recently moved into a home that needed a tub remodel to accommodate my mother. It previously contained an 18 inch alcove tub which was too high for my mom to use, and we needed to re-tile it into a shower. We interviewed several contractors for the job and ultimately chose another contractor. I had made an appointment with CID builders and later canceled it after we signed the contract with someone else. CID called me later that day and asked if they could take a look at the job and give us a more competitive price. I was surprised, but agreed. Ron, one of the owners, arrived exactly when he said he would and gave us a better deal than any of the other contractors we had met with. We hired him on the spot and work began two days later. The remodel was completed when he said it would be (even with inspection). We are thoroughly satisfied
with CID builders and will gladly recommend them to all of our friends and family. It's not easy to find a contractor that you can trust, but we feel that we have found that with Ron and CID builders. Thanks again!

GAIL B.                   GRANADA HILLS, CA

REVIEW: We have wanted to remodel our kitchen for 15 years and 2017 seemed to be the right time. We interviewed 3 contractors and kept our fingers crossed that we chose the RIGHT team. Demolition is a dirty and painful time no matter how you look at it; however, CID BUILDERS were not only professional and talented, they would clean up everyday before quitting. Ron Darmon ( the boss) delivered what he said he would as far as plans, time, and expertise. He took a kitchen from the 1960's and turned it into a very up-to-date, open air, gorgeous, center of attraction eatery. Ron listened to what we wanted; if he had suggestions, we were open to his professional advice. His head worker, Aaron, and his team were great also. The cabinets were handmade for our kitchen are magnificent! If we said there were NO problems a tall, that would be a lie. Any little glitches were dealt with immediately and remedied. We usually know what a company is really like by the way the employees act to the boss and to each other. It was obvious that Ron was well-respected by his crew and were willing to work during their break time, if needed. We will use CID Builders again and have referred them to friends.
Thanks, Ron for an outstanding job!

SHIRI S.                   WOODLAND HILLS, CA

REVIEW: Ron helped me create and build my dream swimming pool. He exceeded my expectations, he was extremely patient and a true professional. He maximized my back yard space and transformed it to a living paradise. He worked closely with me to help me meet my budget and was very fair. The pool came out beautiful enough to be featured in a home magazine. All finishes were absolutely symmetrical and I could not be happier.
Thank you Ron for your expertise and remarkable professionalism, highly recommended.

KURT M.                   NORTHRIDGE, CA

REVIEW: I have to admit, when I first agreed to remodel our kitchen from the ground up, I was skeptical, to say the least. I have had friends who do construction and at my age, have seen a ton of jobs that get started... but seem to go on forever. That being said. I was at least a little happier when we hired CID and they put me at ease a bit, knowing that CID was doing EVERYTHING... and Very impressed when, even over the holidays, they met their Month and a 1/2 deadline. (They did all demolition of the floor and all our cabinets, rebuilt up the floor base, then installed all new custom built cabinets with our choice of wood, and installed all new vinyl floors) As you know, all construction is a little ugly, as last minute, unforeseen items come up along the way... they even handled those items to our satisfaction Like Pro's. The key, they are like a family with one goal. They all work in tandem, and know in the end, They're Doing It All and want to make the customer happy, even if they have to re-demo items to correct an issue. That they're all connected and have respect for each others work, was wonderful! One stand out among them all was Moro (and I apologize if the spellings wrong) the cabinet guy. He takes pride in his work and every facet of his love for quality cabinet craftsmanship. Bravo to all at CID (and no, I'm not a close relative or friend.... as I often think when I see a great reviews like this)

MILE M.                   PORTER RANCH, CA

REVIEW: It is was a positive outcome of my new custom built shower that replaced the tub in the master bath. After working out a fair price a contract was written and the work started in a few days. Everything that was promised was done in two weeks. There are a lot of different tradesmen needed to build a custom shower and everyone that came to my home was respectful and professional. So after it is said and done this company did what they said they would do and follow up with two service calls to make sure everything is perfect after the job was completed.

LYNDA B.                   WOODLAND HILLS, CA

REVIEW: I worked with Ron at CID Builders. I wanted to have a proper double sink cabinet made and electrical wiring moved into my master bathroom. The prior owners designed a beautiful master bathroom, but there was only a single sink, with another sink just outside the bathroom as the vanity area off the bedroom. Ron had a double sink cabinet made to fit the master bathroom perfectly. The cabinet looks fantastic! I had the vanity area removed and had a closet made in its place. That was done very well also. I must say that Ron responded to all my calls and texts very timely. I was never ignored by Ron, and when there was an issue, it was resolved with no problem with Ron right on top of it. If I knew how to show off my bathroom now by posting a picture of it, I would.

DAVID S.                   LOS ANGELES, CA

REVIEW: Ron and his team did an amazing job remodeling and updating our house. From the time I first touched base with their receptionist (who was very helpful and courteous) to the end of the project, they were excellent. We gave them a very tight timeline and they made it happen. They rewired our home, put in new plumbing, and a new roof, as well as remodeling the kitchen and both bathrooms. Ron payed attention and listened. He also gave solid advice when we needed it. When I wanted him to do blow-in cellulose insulation in the middle of the project, he found the materials and got it done without delay. The bathrooms and the kitchen both turned out fantastic. I really appreciated that he was totally available for calls to ask questions and work through details, I felt like our project mattered. At the end of the day, the price was good, the craftsmanship was excellent, they payed attention to detail, and they finished on-time. I recommend Ron and his team without reservation.

GRACE C.                   NORTH HILLS, CA

REVIEW: My husband and I decided to have an extension for a bigger space in our living room and Ron and the CID builders helped us accomplish that. We also had them build us a new walk-in closet and bathroom. We are very pleased to deal business with them. We have dealt with Ron and his workers. They were all professionals and the job was with great quality. Any issues or problem with the job, Ron or Avi was there to take care of it. I highly recommend them for any construction work you might need in your home. I will give Ron a call back to have our kitchen done next time.

BRIAN M.                   PASADENA, CA

REVIEW: I am so pleased with the way CID does business. I dealt with Ron, he made the process so easy. He showed me examples, gave me suggestions that went well together, went over payment plans and the guy just seemed genuine when he spoke about the quality of his company's work. He made me feel assured that I was getting more than what I was paying to have my bathroom remodeled. During the job there were a few
complications and Ron actually came over to the house to oversee that they were taken care of the right way.
That really blew me away, it's so hard to find someone you trust to do good work. I'm so pleased that I found Ron and CID builders. It feels great to start my day in such a beautiful space.

JAY T.                   VALLEY VILLAGE, CA

REVIEW: Going with CID Builders was a great decision! My wife and I recently underwent a huge kitchen transformation. The job entailed walls being knocked down, ceilings being reshaped, new plumbing etc... Lets start with the interview process. I feel we interviewed a good amount of contractors in our area, 5 i think... We decided to talk to a variety from independent builder/owners, design firms, large corporate firms etc... Calling each was a trip within itself. Sometimes we talked to a receptionist that continued to mispronounce our names and even got
dates for meetings wrong. When we called Ron with CID he (the owner) answered...FIRST PLUS. Most of the contractors, or assistants, that came to our house to give us a bid would either agree to all of our requests saying, "NO PROBLEM" yes we can knock down this wall and not worry about support. And some of them kept telling me how they wanted to model our kitchen, not listening to our dream... Ron was a very NO BULLSHIT kind of guy. He told us we could knock down walls but be prepared that there may be support beams we would have to leave. It was his realistic expectations mixed with him willing to work with our vision in a very realistic budget was the reason we chose to work with him.

The first day we talked through the design and financing portion. Since this was our first time on such a big project, we had no idea how much it would cost. We had saved an amount we thought would be more than enough and presented with a budget we weren't expecting. This was the case with all of the bids we received, not just CID's. They were all within a thousand or 2 of each other. We almost had to push the project another
6-9 months, but Ron worked closely with the bank to get us approved in terms that worked for us. This was the 2nd reason we chose to work with him.

Demolition was very quick and clean. His expert team all were very nice and we got to know a lot of them on a first name basis. They made sure to drape plastic every day, sweep up at the end of every day and made sure our house was livable despite not having kitchen services. We ran into some of those support beam issues we mentioned above. Ron came up with a solution, we redesigned the look while working with Ron came up with a suitable layout that worked for both of us last minute. This change actually now is the focal more interesting part of our kitchen and are THOROUGHLY pleased with this change.

The only issue we really ran into was it took a couple of days for us and CID to come up with a routine and a rhythm with communication and cheduling. But once we established that we were off to the races. And if I were to have changed the process in anyway is to find a way not to choose paint colors without having tile / backsplash / counter samples to look at against. It all turned out beautifully in the end, but I would have chosen differently if we had samples to compare against.

The project took a little longer than I expected but was within the time frame that Ron promised us. We could've had it done quicker but we wanted to take our times with it and make sure both us and CID were comfortable and not rushed. The final product really reflects this. There was much love and craftsmanship put into the finishing details.

Ron was on site almost every day. If it wasn't him, then his foreman Feli was. He was equally as professional and committed as Ron was. Ron saw every step all the way through and ensured no detail was over looked. There was even a few details we asked for at the beginning of the project that we failed to remind him of that made its way into the final product. We were really happy to see this.

There were a couple of small issues and things that needed to be addressed after the project ended, but Ron was there. He popped in to make sure all was still good. He does this because the house needs a chance to settle in a bit. He addressed them no problem.
OVERALL EXCEPTIONAL JOB by Ron and his team at CID builders. We will definitely be working with him again!!!

SHIRI B.                   WEST HILLS, CA

REVIEW: Could not be more thrilled with our new bathroom!!! Ron/CID was referred to us by a family member who has had a number of jobs completed by them on her house. We received 3 quotes for the job and chose CID based on the fact that they were both competitive (beat our other top contender by ~20%!) and highly recommended. I was so impressed with the quality of work and craftsmanship. The CID team was professional, capable and completed the bathroom of our dreams ON TIME and on budget! We had stressed to Ron that we had company coming in from out of town and he made sure the bathroom was done and passed inspection prior to their arrival. I showed Ron an inspiration board I had put together and CID nailed it (pun intended). The day we signed the contract, he had his carpenter over at our house measuring for the custom work needed and we had a rendering to approve that night. Highly recommend CID and will definitely look to them again for future